10 EDM Songs That Defined a Decade

Over the past 10 years, we have laughed, cried and... danced. The music genre, EDM, flourished within the decade and left us with unforgettable tunes. We curated a list of the most influential EDM songs in our eyes. 

10. Rufus Du Sol - Innerbloom (2015)

This was the first song of the decade where 9:30 minutes was not long enough. This synth masterpiece takes you on a journey with hypnotic vocals and unique instruments. This track has taken Rufus Du Sol to another level of artistry and has gained notoriety around the world. 

9. Jai Wolf - Indian Summer (2015)

This was the turning point in EDM music where producers began integrating worldly sounds into their tracks, creating a sonic dream. Jai Wolf's "Indian Summer" is a magical track with Indian vocal chops combined with electronic synths. 

8. Jack U - Where Are U Now (2015)

EDM meets... Justin Bieber. This track brought mainstream artists and electronic together, closing the gap between the two worlds. Jack U was the moniker for Skrillex and Diplo. They had Bieber featured in the track and they helped co-produce other songs from his album "Purpose". 

7. Kygo Remix - Younger (2013)

The pioneer of Tropical House. This genre emerged in 2013 when Kygo, along with Thomas Jack, began a trend of melodic tracks you could listen to while you are at the beach. "Younger" is a classic Kygo song that embodies youth, summer and of course, Tropical House. 

6. Disclosure - Latch (2012)

This iconic track by Disclosure features the incredible singer Sam Smith. His vocals create an emotional and unforgettable song about love. The unique beat and powerful lyrics make it a standout tune of the decade. 

5. Flume Remix - You & Me (2013) 

It is safe to say Flume is the pioneer of future bass. His remix of "You & Me" disrupted the norm in dance music and introduced an electrifying alternative. Producers have gone on to imitate his work but no one will ever do it like that man himself. 

4. Zedd - Clarity (2012)

The EDM anthem of the decade goes to "Clarity". Zedd's track has been played at every festival throughout the decade and is a staple to dance music.  Everyone jumps, sings, and dances to this contagious track. This year, songwriter Matthew Koma started drama with Zedd, stating he wrote the song and never received any credit. 

3. Odesza - Bloom (2014) 

Odesza is a duo from Seattle Washington who changed the idea of electronic music. They introduced pulsating drums and euphoric melodies music lovers have gravitated to since 2012. "Bloom" is the perfect example of the powerful impact these artists have made on our ears.  

2. Porter Robinson - Divinity (2014)

When Porter Robinson released "Worlds", he transformed the way we consume EDM. His album allowed him to perform live with unique instruments that blew people away. He even sings in some of his tracks. "Divinity" was the beginning of an EDM legend. 

1. Avicii - Wake Me Up (2013)

Without a doubt, the most influential song of the decade was "Wake Me Up". Avicii's track featuring Aloe Blacc includes lyrics with a powerful message. Even before Avicii's untimely death, this song topped the dance charts for years. In 2018, the Swedish producer took his own life, leaving behind his legacy in dance music.