Midweek Melodies Vol. 5

Need a baker's dozen of records? Our fifth volume of Midweek Melodies has you covered. This week we highlight another batch of our favorite tunes we came across, including records from our artist series partners Don Diablo, Zomboy and Monstercat's own Karma Fields. 

On top of those three tracks, we provided you with a multitude of others from all across the genre board. France's AGLORY kicks things off with their dark remix of Big Makk, then we move to some party tunes from Jace Mek, Wuki, Felmax and Twofold. There were also some cool collaborations that came out, including Haezer x Proxy, Skan x Dreamer, and a kick ass drum & bass record from Black Sun Empire x State of Mind.

Many of these releases are free downloads, so before you head out, make sure to grab them. As always, tweet out this article with your favorite track from it, so we can see which one you dug the most!

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