David Starfire Aids Burmese Refugees With New Album

Charity work is something that is on the rise in the dance music community. Even up and coming producers are doing their part for the causes that have an impact on them, whether it be directly or indirectly.

One producer who wanted to give back was David Starfire. This Los Angeles creator crowdfunded his album, which included trips to Northern Thailand camps and border zones, where he was able to meet with Burmese refugees in the area. Not only did he hear their stories, but he allowed those musically inclined to express their story in collaboration with his own work.

This is how his album Karuna was born. The ten track project has extensive collaborations on it, including many acoustic sounds from indigenous musicians of the land. Karuna is up for sale, but you're not buying the album. Instead, you can donate money for the project, and 100% of your proceeds will go to Thai Freedom House, an organization that offers educational programs for refugees that includes language, art and more.

Not only is it a cool campaign, but the actual album is really good. The eastern sounds mix incredibly well with the glitch-hoppy, bass style that David centers most of the songs around. Amrita Recordings helped push this one out, so shout out to them for signing on with such an amazing project. Technically, you can download the album for free, but isn't it nice to give a little? Head on over to Bandcamp to get a copy, and donate to David's cause of choice.

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