Midweek Melodies Vol. 6

Ready for some new tunes? This past week there has been a lot of them, which is why you're getting fifteen. Volume 6 of our Midweek Melodies series is here, complete with everything you need to get over the hump and ready yourself for the weekend.

This week, as usual, we covered the spectrum from top to bottom, bringing you a mix of up and comers with some of the most popular new records that have come out. A-Trak and Ookay dished out a collaboration, and Rain Man delivered his new original "Bring Back The Summer." We're ready for it too, Rain Man.

Other records from this week include works from Luca Lush, Statik Link, Haezer, Bad Royale, and Loosid, who released a new song via our friends Monstercat. Check them all out, and tweet out this article, letting us know which one of these songs is your favorite!

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