by Tyler Trew March 16, 2016

One of our favorite times of the week is when we compile the Midweek Melodies series for you all. It's our seventh week in a row gathering our favorite records we come across and sharing them with you listeners. Sometimes it's hard to narrow things down, which was certainly the case for this week.

For volume seven, we start things off with a brand new track from Ookay, and move right into some funk. From there you get a little trap, some future, and even some moombahton from Woogie. There was plenty of good bass records that came out, so we leave you off with two of our favorite dubstep records. Within the Electric Family, our partners Pegboard Nerds just came out with a collaboration with Grabbitz that is a beast.

Check all thirteen records out, and grab the ones you like. There are some freebies, as always. Once you're done, tweet out the article with your favorite track so we can see which single you enjoyed the most!

Tyler Trew
Tyler Trew

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