Give A Beat Offers Opportunities For At-Risk Youth & Former Offenders

Mass incarceration is an evident problem in America, with youth taking the brunt of it. Without getting too political, many of the systems in place are putting youths at risk, and hindering the success of anyone who formerly incarcerated, leaving them on an uneven playing field. 

One California non-profit is looking to make a difference with regard to this field of social injustice is Give A Beat. Not only are they providing opportunities for at-risk youth, but they are aiding former offenders by offering mentorship programs.

Give A Beat's programs revolve around electronic dance music. One such workshop they have provided individuals is a DJ workshop, although they do offer more acoustic services as well as entrepreneurial ones. Their most recent DJ workshop was a huge success, with Lacey IQ and DJ Big D of The Amp Collective taking charge as mentors. Together they taught 8-14 year-olds how to DJ while they got to enjoy the effects of doing so with a SubPac, who partnered with Give A Beat along with Pioneer.

Give A Beat is using compassion, unity, forgiveness and love as a platform to create an atmosphere where individuals are able to thrive. They give kids the chance to have a positive outlet, and offer others a way to shape their lives after being put into the system. Donations to their cause are welcomed at their website, where you can check out all of their endeavors or purchase their merchandise. After checking out their website, make sure to follow them on social media to keep up with any new they are getting involved in.

Give A Beat is open to partnerships and volunteers, including DJs, bloggers, social media advocates, or anybody who may have a powerful story about how music has impacted your life. If you're interested, shoot them an email at

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