Bad Royale Begins Charity Campaign To Shave Kevin Wild's Beautiful Hair

If you don't know the Bad Royale boys of San Diego, then let me introduce you. They say they are comprised of three producers and one idiot, which is a claim that nobody can really argue against, but the only thing is, we don't know which one is the idiot.

Bad Royale is one of the hottest acts in dance music right now, bringing fresh and diverse sounds to the table through labels like Mad Decent and Buygore. This should come as no surprise as the four men making up the project are Maor Levi, Bruce Karlsson, Elias Ghosn and lastly, Kevin Wild. 

The last one that list, Kevin Wild, has been known in the industry for his music, as well as his beautiful blonde hair that would put even Rapunzel to shame. Now, it may not be as long as Rapunzel's, but more sultry, definitely.

However, that sexy head of hair may not be sexy for long. The other three Bad Royale members have just started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $10,000 to get Kevin to shave his head. The catch is that he won't be getting any of that money. Instead, all of the money, along with the hair, will be donated to Locks of Love.

As much as we hate to see those luscious locks go, it's for a great cause. Bad Royale brings the music, they bring the jokes, but they also bring the charity. If you would like to donate to the cause, you can head over to the campaign page or check out the embed below. There's one last thing that we need to mention: yes, the video proof of the head shaving will be filmed and posted on the internet for everyone to enjoy.

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