Midweek Melodies Vol. 12

First of all, happy 4/20! For those of you who have been partaking all day long, chance are you're going to need something to pick you up. This is where are 12th edition of Midweek Melodies comes in.

In this week's volume, we went ahead and put together some harder bass records to keep you on your feet and your brain wired. That doesn't mean we didn't give you some variety though, as only about half of the records are basshead material. The others will have you grooving along, and bobbing your head as you celebrate the holiday. Check out all thirteen tracks and tweet out this article with your favorite one. Don't forget to check out our brand new 4/20 friendly accessories!

5 & a dime8er$AmeriaBear grillzEh!deJstjrKandyLazy richLektriqueMidweek melodiesReid speedTha trickazTreovrYokai