Martin Garrix Set To Play Fuck Cancer Event In California

On May 19th of this year, Martin Garrix is set to play an event at Exchange in Los Angeles. This isn't just any old event, as its aim is to raise money for the charity Fuck Cancer who we have worked with before in tandem with several of our artist partners.

Cancer is something that affects everybody. It shouldn't come as a surprise that so many artist get behind the Fuck Cancer organization who work tirelessly to help prevent disease, as well as support those who have been afflicted. By purchasing a ticket to this event, you are directly aiding this extraordinary non-profit. Their abilities grow each time people stand together at an event like this one.

Tickets are now on sale for $40. After purchase, you will receive a limited edition Fuck Cancer shirt that will function as your ticket into the event. Your ticket money will then be sent to Fuck Cancer to be used in their programs for early detection, prevention and support. For tickets and more information, you can head to the event's web page

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