Midweek Melodies Vol. 13

There have been a whole bunch of huge records this week, whether you're looking at big timers or up and comers. In the thirteenth volume of our Midweek Melodies series, we collected for you some of our favorites from both levels of producer, ranging from the up and coming Ramzoid, to the legendary veteran Bro Safari.

Along with those two come plenty of other artists who dished out a variety of records. This week, the theme is a bit on the heavier side, with hybrid, dubstep and even a sweet drum & bass remix making up a majority of the songs. Even with the house tracks, some of them are on the more in-your-face side of things. Listen through all the tracks we have here today, and make sure to download/purchase the ones you enjoy. Then catch us next week for another edition of Midweek Melodies. 

5 & a dimeBrillzBro safariBullseyeCy kosisCyberpunkersDirektorDitta & dumontHalf emptyHerobustMidweek melodiesNinja koreRamzoidRay volpe