The Music Run Gets Ready For 7 Festivals In 2016

Chance are high that when you go for a run, you bring some good music with you. This connection has stemmed some, including the great people over at The Music Run, to fuse the events of a 5K run and a music festival together into one grand party.

The Music Run is a touring marathon festival powered by 24 Hour Fitness that is more than just fun and exercise, it's also charitable. That's right, the unique event helps out Camp Kesem, a charity organization that helps children through and beyond their parents cancer. Cancer is not something that solely affects one person, as the family and close friends go through their own hardships dealing with the misfortune, especially children.Through fun running, The Music Run helps to deliver positive, interactive programs for children who's parents have or had cancer. Their events, which are currently totaling at seven for 2016, bring a diverse array of music that runners get to choose. Each 1K is broken up by genre with rock, pop, country, hip-hop and dance music making up the sections.

Sponsors for the event include Gatorade and Samuel Adams. You can be sure to enjoy their products at the event while you experience DJs, bands, dancers, fireworks, lasers and LED screens. You can also win some free stuff through giveaways that that will be held at the festival. If you are interested in attending, you can head over to The Music Run's website. The upcoming locations for their events can be found listed below.

 August 6th - Portland, Oregon

Summer 2016 - Seattle, Washington

Summer 2016 - Sacramento, California

Fall 2016 - Englishtown, New Jersey

Fall 2016 - Austin, Texas

Fall 2016 - Houston, Texas

Fall 2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada

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