Seth Troxler Joins Brain Cancer Charity Climb to Top of Kilimanjaro

Seth Troxler is a lot of things. Part human being, part DJ, part producer, part chef, part restaurant owner, part label executive; Troxler has a lot on his plate, no pun intended. Soon he will be dropping all of that for the time being for something else entirely.

On July 15th, Seth will join a crew of Australians to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa to raise funds and awareness for brain cancer research. The Million$Mission is headed up by Australian neurosurgeon Charlie Teo, who enlisted his fellow down-under mates Olympian Lachlan Jones, activist Carolyn Degain as well as six others. Their goal is to raise $100,000 each, bringing in a total of $1 million to the foundation.

If the $1 million goal is reached, then according to Australia's leading brain cancer institution, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, research can be done to increase the survival rate of children with brain cancer from 20% to 50% by 2023. In more than doubling the current rate, they will be saving a countless number of lives that have barely had a chance to experience the world we live in yet.

For more information around the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, you can check out their website here. If you would like to donate to Seth's cause, you can do so at his campaign page. Although the climb will take place on July 15th, the campaign will not end on that date, so you have plenty of time to donate.

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