Midweek Melodies Vol. 17

You can never have too much music. This is why every Wednesday we come together to bring you some of our favorite tracks from the last week in our Midweek Melodies series. Each week brings a different range of tracks, with diversity being something we strive for.

This week we start of with some future-tinged records and work our way up the funk-o-meter until we get into the house realm. From there we break off into different areas of the 128 spectrum until the heavy bass kicks in with a new remix from Cookie Monsta. After that, we tempt you to go as hard as you possibly can with a new remix from Zardonic. We slow things down until the end where Happy Colors says farewell with his new single "Te Solté." Check out all twelve records, share this article and let us know which song from the dozen was your favorite.

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