Midweek Melodies Vol. 18

Welcome to Wednesday. Every week on this day we aim to bring you some of the best tracks we could find on the internet in our Midweek Melodies series. This week is no different as we gathered thirteen of our favorites.

Some of our favorite producers, including Cyberpunkers, Dirty Audio, Prismo, EH!DE and Rezz came out with new ones recently that you will find here. Also within this playlist are collaborations from Nathaniel Knows and Ditta Dumont, as well as Twine and Dr. Ozi. We get a little bit of everything here, from future to house to dubstep and trap. Check out all the tracks and download the freebies, and buy the others!

AutolaserBrohugCreaky jackalsCyberpunkersDefunkDirty audioEh!deMidweek melodiesNathaniel knowsPrismoRezzTwineWoogie