Midweek Melodies Vol. 19

Can you believe we're almost at our 20th edition of our Midweek Melodies series? This week, as we have every week for 19 weeks now, we have collected some of our favorite records we could find on Soundcloud and present them to you.

Originals make up the bulk of the tracks this week, however the three remixes from Kai Wachi, Apashe and Party Thieves are in our top favorites. Originals by Prismo, Ghastly, Jayceeoh and Popeska, among others, can be found in this twelve track playlist. Jam it tonight after the NBA Finals, take it with you tomorrow in your drive to work, or just bump it with some buddies.

After you run through the playlist, share this article with your favorite track, so we can see which one you liked the most!

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