It has been a quite a while since we have put together a list of up and coming EDM producers. So far we have constructed lists from Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, the three biggest cities in America, so this time we decided to step up the difficulty and find the best talent in Arizona. The task ended up becoming much more difficult than we originally thought but with some help of attending local shows and word of mouth we have put together a list.

Recently a producer from Arizona State University named Protohype made it past the hump of being an up and coming producer and made it to the next level. Can the producers in this list make it to the next level as well? Only time will tell but for now show your support and push them to the top.


Upcoming Producers From Arizona


2tone Disco

We first discovered 2tone Disco when they opened for Laidback Luke last year in Scottsdale, Arizona. We had never heard of them before but after hearing their set we knew very soon they would be making headlines on multiple EDM blogs. Soon enough we saw them featured on blogs such as,, and This year they have released multiple original tracks and they keep true to the 2tone Disco sound which includes Electro, Nu Disco, and of course Omni's signature Chiptunes. 



Honest first appeared in our SoundCloud feed about 6 months ago when his official remix of Ellie Goulding's track 'Goodness Gracious' was released. Most recently Honest was featured on VICE for the remix of up and coming Chicago rapper Alex Wiley. Make sure to give Honest a follow on SoundCloud because we are expecting big things in the future from this Tempe, Arizona producer.



We recently featured Y2K in a #MusicMonday a few weeks ago when he released his newest original White Wine featuring vocals from Mark Johns. At the time we hadn't really heard much of his work but we recently familiarized ourselves with his SoundCloud after seeing a repost from another up and coming producer that goes by AObeats from New York. His Miley Cyrus remix of We Can't Stop recently hit over million plays on YouTube an amazing feat for any producer.


Dirty Doses

When we first heard Dirty Doses they were opening for Adventure Club and Protohype on Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona. Since then their style has changed from Complextro to Future House. They have two new singles being released through Audiophile Live on September 8th. We have included a preview of one of the tracks below titled 'Oh Yeah'. It was produced alongside Jameston Thieves from San Francisco. 



We were introduced to the sounds of Astrofunk by a friend that said we had to hear his music. We took his advice and took a listened to Astrofunk's remix of Tritonal's track 'Now or Never' and we loved what we heard. We haven't seen Astrofunk perform nor do we know much about who he is but if he keeps posting new tracks we will keep listening.



Ownglow aka Sam Reeves is a 17 year old DnB producer who's SoundCloud only dates back 16 days to when he released his remix of LIGHTS' track 'Siberia'. We found out about his music by word of mouth much like discovering Astrofunk. The only thing we know about Ownglow is from his SoundCloud bio but what we do know is his music sounds sick! 


Thank you for taking the time to listen to some up and coming talent from the State of Arizona. If we missed anyone you think deserves to be on this list please let us know via Facebook, Twitter or via email at 


- John Van Dyk












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