Producers are all the rage nowadays. Where there’s a lot of untapped talent is in the area of vocals, in which there’s a pool of singer/songwriters ready for some original action. You can’t go wrong with a solid production, but when there’s a fitting, cogent vocal performance, that takes things to a whole new other level. We love to dance, but we also like to sing along when it comes down to it.

Today I present to you five vocalists who have contributed tremendous works to the electronic music community. Some of these names will be familiar to you, since many of them have been featured in popular records. Some of them may not be. Regardless if you know of them or not, poring over their work is something you should plan on doing in the near future, because what you will find will enchant your ears. For now, let’s check out just who these singers are.

Heather Bright: Running under the stage name Bright Lights, Heather is one of the top vocalists in the dance music scene overall, and she’s written records for the likes of Usher and Toni Braxton. You may recognize her Grammy nominated talent from 3lau’s “How You Love Me,” or her work with artists like Porter Robinson, SAVOY, and Zedd. Aside from her collaborations, the singer/producer’s Soundcloud is stocked with material, including her own covers and edits. Word on the street is that she is working on her own EP/LP, so be on the lookout for that, as well as more features from her in the future. 


Cassandra Kay: If there are any Monstercat fans out there, which there surely are, then Cassandra Kay should already be a name you are familiar with. The beautiful Australian has provided her chops to works by Varien, PIXL and Favright within just that label alone. Outside of Monstercat her works have been on Big Alliance Records and Preston Recordings. Her discography isn’t huge, but everything you hear from her produces a feeling of frisson when her lush tones enter your ears. This is one talent who could very easily be one of the next big go-to vocalists for dance music anthems.


Father Dude: Aside for a few others like Matthew Koma, Father Dude is holding it down for the guys. This New Yorker blasted upon the scene last year, providing his pipes to a plethora of popular records, most of which have multiple hundreds of thousands of plays, yet his Soundcloud has less than 20,000 followers, and his Facebook has less than 3,000. With all the support he’s received so far in such a short amount of time, there’s no telling what this cat will do in 2015.


LARCY: LARCY is a newer act on the scene, who I had the pleasure of help launching when I wrote for Your EDM. The all around musician hails from New York, and with only four releases she has managed to stun the blogosphere with her soothing speech. It does help when you work with amazing producers like Prince Fox and Gazzo, but LARCY makes certain to be more than just the voice when creating works, which is why cats like the aforementioned have gotten behind her, and released material under her act. With things still fresh, 2015 will certainly be a tremendous year for her as she looks to make a break to the top of the entire music world, because she has that kind of potential.


Aloma Steele: Chances are if there’s a list of talents, there’s going to be a Canadian on it. Aloma Steele is ours. This Vancouver vixen not only can found being featured on big electronic records of others, but she is ⅓ of the act FutureFreqs, a group with SirensCeol, who she has frequently collaborated with outside of the project as well. Other collaborations have been with Culture Code, Ecotek, and Varien. The reason why these talents have tapped her is because she pretty much sounds like an angel. Why wouldn’t you want that on your track? Expect to see her name pop up more and more, as she, and her frequent collaborators take hold of the electronic music scene.


Electric Family Extra: Anna Yvette


Ps, the extra one is a given. 

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