Everybody needs music all the time, but over the weekend, that is especially so. Hence, why I have compiled a hefty music package with ten songs that you can take with you over the weekend and enjoy as you decompress from the aches and pains of the weekdays. From funk, to twerk, all the way to dubstep we go in the first Tunes For The Weekend installment. This week, as it will be many other weeks, there are a bunch of free tunes in here that you can add to you collection in almost an instant. You can expect more music every Monday and Thursday, so after you enjoy yourself with this set, check back with us in the future!

The Noisy Freaks & J.A.C.K. - We Are The Ones (Original Mix): Free Download


Sound Remedy - We Are The Dream (Infuze Remix): Purchase on iTunes 

Feed Me - Wuzzle


Tha Trickaz & Apashe - iDynamite: Free Download


Kaptain - Focused On Reality Feat. Brizzy: Free Download


Havok Roth & Nth Wonder - Firestarter (Original Mix): Free Download


Rae Sremmurd - No Type (Modern Machines Remix): Free Download


Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (Charlie Darker Remix): Free Download


The Floozies - FNKTRPFree Download


Elaksi - Breakdown


Electric Family Extra

Bear Grillz & Datsik & Twine - Triple Threat (Ft General Jah Mikey): Purchase on iTunes

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