Monday, that dreadful day that starts the week. It doesn't have to be bad, though, and in fact; Mondays tend to be some people's most productive day of the week (myself usually not included). Music helps big time, which is why the Music Monday has been compiled here for you to enjoy. Genres are widespread, with material coming from individuals like Illenium, Kid Arkade, Prismatic, and BARENHVRD. With eight tracks total, plus two mixes, from DANK/Dani Deahl and JSTJR, you should be covered at least for today on music. There's so much more out there, so after you go through this package, head on over to Soundcloud to explore what other bangin' tunes can be found.


Dawn Golden - All I Want (Illenium Remix): Free Download 


Amba Shepherd - Soldier (Convex Remix): Free Download 


Kid Arkade - Dodeca: Free Download 


Parsifal - LAMARCK: Free Download 


DANK - Funky Element Podcast - Episode 4 w/ Dani Deahl: Free Download 


Deon Custom - Ice Cream: Free Download 


Wes Goodie & Prismatic - Whirlwind: Free Download 


Dead Robot - Creepin (Masq Remix) 


BARENHVRD - Naraka: Free Download



JSTJR - Smog Records Episode 030: Free Download

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