Did you know that there are female electronic music talents out there? Of course you did! Why wouldn't there be, right? But, can you name any that you listen to or know of? And no, Krewella or Nervo does not count; everyone knows them. 

Don't sweat it if you didn't think of any; and hooray to you if you had a few, because today, International Women's Day, is the day you will be exposed to just some of the many hustlin' ladies out there in the dance world. Aside from this list, there is a long list of ladies who work behind the scenes that deserve just as much praise as the musical acts. Today is a day to commemorate all women, a group that has been, and still is, living in a society that is patriarchal.

The positivity the entire Electric Family spreads can help to break that social hierarchy. This gender hegemony is slowly unraveling, but there's still a huge gap in equality, not only in EDM, but in society as a whole. I'm not going to get too PLUR on you, but take the equality principles of today into the future; and take some awesome tunes from some dope females with you as well. Before we get to the music, I would sum up the issues, but I think this Ted Talk by Dani Deahl does it perfectly.


Now, on to the music. 

Dani Deahl: Chicago, US 

Dani is a multigenre producer and DJ, on top of a journalist who's been published by RedBull, URB, BPM and more. In 2011 she played Lollapalooza, and since then she's had two official remixes for headliner acts. All this has me thinking, why doesn't this extreme talent have top quality management? Good thing is, she is making strides on her own. 

Reid Speed: Los Angeles, US

Reid Speed is the bass boss behind Play Me Records, a label who has been owning the bass music scene for years. Occasionally we get a song out of her, but she largely DJs and makes sure all the bass heads in the world get their fill. Staple figure in the scene? You bet. 

Anna Yvette: New York, US

Mama Unicorn is one tough cookie. She's mostly known as a vocalist who's done work with, well, too many artists and labels to list, but she also produces and is currently working on an extended project. Passion is what she possesses on top of talent, but she's been hugely underrated. Expect a big push from her soon!

ma-LESS: Orlando, US

Former Do Androids Dance contributor and current producer, DJ and cat lover, ma-LESS is a gem in the industry. She's a resident DJ for Shaken Bass, and her contributions in both music and journalism have set her apart as a solid tastemaker. She also loves moombahton, so automatically she wins.

Lupe Fuentes: Los Angeles, US

Lupe Fuentes is entering the game after already having success in a different field of media. She has taken to music well with a new single that's receiving buzz, along with a previous collaboration with the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inductee DMC. She's a little ball of fire! And she's also played the best deep house set I've experienced live.

Fei-Fei: Los Angeles, US

One of the best electronic albums of last year came from Fei-Fei with Pretty Girls Don't Hallucinate. It was the inaugural release for her record label, FEIDED, and she recently released a dope freebie since then. Her music will break your heart in the best way possible, and don't be surprised if she dishes out another big release in the future.

KimKat: Los Angeles, US

Kim Lee and Katrina Nova are two ladies who have been killing it on the tour front, traveling all over the world to play shows. They've released songs in the past, but are making moves to do even more music in the future. Fun fact(s) of the day, Kim was in the second Hangover film and was also FHM's hottest woman of the world in 2011. These two beauties are more than just looks though; they're two workhorses who bring an experience to their audiences every time they play.

Bright Lights: Los Angeles, US

You may know her as Heather Bright, the purple haired producer/vocalist who has been on tracks by 3lau, Zedd and the Bingo Players. She has writing credits for Justin Bieber, Toni Braxton, Britney Spears, and she's been nominated for multiple Grammy awards. She's not afraid to speak her mind, and when she does she does so very eloquently on Twitter. She's currently working on her own album, so get ready for that to come! She's a true artist with a lot to offer.

TOKiMONSTA: Los Angeles, US

TOKiMONSTA is one of the hottest female acts out right now, with support from Skrillex, among other celebrity status producers. Her creative beats stand out, not only because of quality but because they don't have a run of the mill, formulaic sound. With a background in classical piano, it's no wonder she's so musical in her tracks. She's another act I have personally seen live, and I can attest, she know's how to rock a crowd.

Jessie Andrews: Los Angeles, US

Jessie Andrews has been poking around the deep house game for a while now, and her latest EP brings the groove in a big way. Her minimal style makes for extremely catchy tracks. Her past career is helping and hindering her success, but she's stayed true to herself and is becoming one of the most crucial female acts in the industry with a growing fanbase and bookings.

Rezz: Niagara Falls, CA

I love music that can be constituted as weird. Rezz makes some weird stuff, and I love it. Her styles range, which makes things even more interesting. She's a young, undiscovered talent who could end up making big moves. For not even being old enough to get alcohol in the US, Rezz has done pretty well for herself. It's about time for her to take things to the next level, because she has some mad potential.

Brazzabelle: Los Angeles, US

One of the fastest rising women, Brazzabelle is someone who is contributing to the gender shift in a big way. She's done official remixes for Skrillex and Crystal Fighters, and she's played festivals like EDC Mexico and Mad Decent Boat Party. Check her tunes and her mix series, as she offers up music outside of her numerous shows that she plays. She's on fire right now, and it doesn't look like anything will be stopping her.

LOUISAHH!!!: Los Angeles/New York, US

LOUSAHH!!! is the producer/vocalist who has been on the grind with Bromance Records, landing features on sites like MixMag and THUMP numerous times. This tech savvy lady brings a dark edge that is connecting with listeners worldwide. Catch her on the decks, and maybe even playing an instrument. Let her beats cool you down, and let her voice sooth your soul.

Anna Lunoe: Sydney, AU

Anna Lunoe's dropped records on NEST, Ultra, Future Classic, Fool's Gold and she's even collaborated with Flume. Her fanbase is strong, but definitely smaller than is deserved for someone who's already played Coachella, Lollapalooza and HARD, among other events. She's been stirring in the scene for a couple years now, but it's about time the scene accept her as a top tier talent.

Gina Turner: New York, US

Radio host, DJ, label head and multi-act producer, Gina Turner is the full package. With releases on Mixmash, Ministry of Sound, Black Hole and Defected, she's got a track record of quality music. If you want to talk about tastemakers in the industry, Gina is sure to come up with names like Annie Nightingale and Annie Mac, two other women who are key figures in the industry. Aside from doing all the things she does, she supports her hubby Laidback Luke like any good wife would.

There are many more names that could be added to the list, so do not think this is all the people the girls are bringing to the table. Don't be surprised if they take over the table, because there are many girls out there who have serious talent, and given the slow, but sure shift, anything can happen. More and more women will be open and willing to get into creating music and the market will be open for females, which means more music for us to consume. Be ready for things to change in a big way. 

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