The Blasterjaxx Charity bracelet will be available Thursday June 18 at 10AM PST!

We have teamed up with Dutch duo Blasterjaxx to bring you the 24th installment in our artist bracelet series. The duo teamed up in 2012 after one half of then Blasterjaxx dropped from the group. It is pretty amazing to think that these guys have been prevalent figures in dance music for many years and they are only 25 and 22 respectively!

The bracelet proceeds will benefit the 20x20x20 Foundation, which aims to restore vision back to 20/20 for 20 million blind adults and children. 20 million people worldwide are curably blind but are unable to afford the quick 15-minute operation that could restore their sight. This amazing foundation aims to tackle these $300 operations one at a time until this problem has been fixed. Thank you all for your continued support.