5 Ways to Take Life Off Autopilot

How many days can we say were exactly like yesterday? Unfortunately, most of us will admit to countless repetitive and mundane daily routines. If we keep up this vicious cycle, time will slip through our fingers like sand. 

How do we actively try to preserve time and make our days more dynamic? How can we feel like a kid again, always finding something new and exciting? We are here to help you get out of that funk. Here are 5 ways to take your life off autopilot and live with more intention. 

1. Break Out Of Your Daily Routine

Switch up your routine a little. Something as small as going to lunch with someone new can make your days more meaningful. Explore more by taking a new path to work or jog in a different area of town. These little changes can add up and put more life in your days.

2. Have Something To Look Forward To

Where's the excitement if we don't have plans? Get tickets to a festival or concert with your friends. Plan a group activity with coworkers. Knowing you have an event to look forward to is a healthy way to keep life electrifying. 

3. Go Outside & Smell The Flowers (literally) 

A lot of us forget to go outside when we are in a cubicle or classroom all day. Tomorrow, don't eat lunch at your desk. Take a step outside and admire Earth. If you do this every day, you will wake up and be reminded of how beautiful life is. 

4. Learn A New Skill

When we were young, learning something new made life more dynamic and memorable. The older we get, the more we forget to add new skills in our lives. Hone in on a new skill, like Djing or producing. These refreshing hobbies will pump passion back into your soul. 

5. Go On A New Adventure 

Time always slows down when you are in a new environment. Take yourself on a trip and play like a kid. An unfamiliar destination will turn on all your senses again. Step out of your comfort zone for a more fulfilling life. 

Have any more suggestions? Please share in the comments below.