Zomboy artist series charity bracelet will be available on Thursday July 23 at 10AM PST.

The 25th installment in our artist bracelet series will feature an artist who many consider to be one of the founding fathers of dubstep. Born Joshua Mellody, but better known by his stage name Zomboy is an English producer that was introduced to the scene in 2011 with hit his single, “Organ Donor.” His debut EP was on the top 5 Beatport dubstep charts for over 8 weeks. Zomboy has already had a colorful history of giving back to charities through his music. On February 6th, 2015 he played at New City Gas in Montreal with the proceeds going towards building a school in Goradara, Ethiopia.

The bracelet will donate proceeds to Team Time For The Homeless (TTFH) and Meninadanca. TTFH goal is to raise money to invest in the futures of the less fortunate by building schools in 3rd world countries. Meninadanca is a Brazilian not-for-profit organization that works with at-risk girls in communities along the BR-116, Brazil’s ‘exploitation highway’. The organization brings hope through the power of dance. We are so grateful to be able to contribute to such amazing causes, it is truly what keeps us coming back into the office everyday.