Don’t even think about going back to school yet!

Despite summer coming to its end, music festivals are going strong. TomorrowWorld is just on the horizon and several smaller festivals in the fall are still on their way. No matter where you are, there is always going to be something for every fest-head to indulge in.

One problem still plagues many of us at these festivals. Having items stolen right out of festival-goers’ belongings is not uncommon and can be a huge damper to anyone’s night. Imagine having your phone or your wallet with your ID and credit card taken from right underneath your nose. It’s not a happy experience.

For as much as we promote positivity and encourage everyone in our community to be kind to one another, we know this is an unrealistic expectation to hold people to. There will always be that one person on the prowl, looking for unsuspecting festival-goers to pick-pocket from. Here are some ways to ensure you end your festival season on a positive and with all of your stuff.

Utilize the lockers – Got a lot of stuff? Not sure if your bag is secure? Investing in the lockers on the grounds may not be a bad idea. While it may cost you a small fee, it will keep your precious items safe; plus it gives you the freedom to run around without worrying about stuff falling out of your pockets!

If Your CamelBak Has Pockets… Use Them – Whenever I go to festivals, I like to bring my CamelBak and utilize every single pocket it has. One way to keep your wallet secure is to (basically) tie your wallet or money bag to part of your bag in a zippered pocket. Even if your bag gets slashed, it’ll be difficult for someone to snatch your wallet if it’s tied to your bag without you noticing.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings – This might not relate to your stuff, but keep an eye out for random bags, phones or wallets on the grounds. You never know who might be looking for their lost items and extending a friendly hand will definitely make their day. If you do find a lost bag or wallet, check to see if there is some sort of ID and if you can identify the owner in your proximity. And if you can’t find the owner the lost-and-found booth is always available.

Don’t Leave Anything in the Tent! – Camping plays a huge part in building a lot of your festival experiences. While it’s tempting to leave some of your things in your tent or lodgings, lock up your valuables (and maybe some of your clothes!) If you have a car nearby then stash your stuff out of sight; if you have access to a locker, then leave your things there until you can get back to them.

Even though summer might be coming to a close, the music festival scene is as strong as ever. Whether it’s your 20th event or your first event, good times are to be had and the opportunities to make long-lasting memories are endless.

Wherever you are, safety should always be your number one priority. At EFam we strive to spread positive vibes throughout the community but we know there are a lot of factors out of our control. What we can do is ensure each of us, including ourselves, is safe and aware of our surroundings at all time to minimize the possibility of a dangerous situation occurring.

So whatever festival you may find yourself, try extending a friendly hand to someone who looks like they may be in need. Be a friend to someone who may need a pick-me-up or who can’t find his or her own group of friends. We all benefit if we’re kind to one another. That kindness will pay it forward.