7 EDM Artists to Consider for Your Halloween Costume This Year

Halloween is upon us and do you know what you are going to be yet?  Don't worry, we have some costume ideas to help you out! We have compiled a list of our favorite EDM artists to dress up as this Halloween. Check them out below!


Slick your hair to the side and call yourself Sonny. Skrillex is a fun and easy idea for any last-minute costume seekers. Grab some glasses, throw on an OWSLA tee and you're all set! 

Alison Wonderland

Be the queen of EDM for a night with a few easy steps. Add purple to your hair, wear an oversized tee, add that signature eye roll and you are Ms. Wonderland. A pair of platform sneakers would be the perfect touch to this playful costume. 


No one really knows who Malaa is. What we do know is that he wears a black ski mask, always holds a cigarette in his hand and throws down filthy bangers. Be more underground for Halloween and dress as this mysterious DJ. 


With Rezz's look, her simplicity is everything. Be the headbanging goddess this Halloween with a pair of hypnotic glasses, a dad hat, and some headphones! 


The French legend shocked thousands at Coachella with is all silver Balmain outfit. If you want to replicate the iconic outfit, throw on a thrift store suit and spray paint your entire body... easy! 


Country Diplo 

Ever since making an appearance at Stage Coach, Diplo has been very into dressing like a cowboy. Mimic his look this Halloween and throw on your most ridiculous country suit, cowboy! 


If all else fails, be the famous Marshmello for a night. You can find his mask on eBay and many other e-commerce sites. 



Did we miss an idea? Let us know in the comments!