Written by: Marek Grubel

Church; God’s house; Where the Lord lives; are just a few thoughts that come to mind when you hear that phase, “Sunday Assembly.”  However, the Sunday Assembly is breaking all the rules that you ever thought you knew about church.

Sunday Assembly is a new community that welcomes all walks of life, no matter what your background is -- it is a gathering that celebrates the beauty of life. A gathering that celebrates life.  How amazing is this?  With all of the controversial topics regarding how to interpret the bible, and how many different religions separate themselves from each other based on beliefs from the same book, it is refreshing to find a group that puts all of that aside, and maintains a focus on something we can all celebrate; life.

What I find most amazing about Sunday Assembly, from the outside looking in, is the diversity and the willingness to spread happiness, joy and love.  At a single glance at their website, their slogans are ‘celebrating life together’ ‘live better, help often, wonder more.’ 

Since the Sunday Assembly is not a “church,” it doesn’t plan its gatherings in what you would call a common church.  When a community decides to start a chapter, they use the resources that are available to them, such as a warehouse that has room for 100 chairs and a podium, a bar that is willing to clear out a section, or a member who is willing to open up their yard to members.  Either way, it is people working together to celebrate life; one gathering at a time. 

Check them out at http://www.sundayassembly.com/