Written by: Drew Nilon

Is there an existence of an all-encompassing energy that connects people, animals, the earth, and everything in the universe, or are we individual beings passing through a brief moment in time? In the early 20th century Albert Einstein argued, “Out yonder there is this huge world which exists independently of us human beings and which stands before us like a great, eternal riddle, at least partially accessible to our inspection and thinking.” Einstein tends to side with the latter argument that we are merely observers in a complex universe that is operating independently of humans. In recent years we have realized that these assumptions could not be further from the truth.

Recent experiments in quantum physics have shown that simply looking at something as tiny as an electron – focusing our awareness upon what it’s doing for even an instance in time – changes its properties while we’re watching it. That’s insane! For years the idea that humans are all one and that we are connected with the earth and with the creatures was just some hippie fantasy. For me, I started to realize a connection with everything once I started meditating. I couldn’t quite pin point with scientific facts how we are all connected, but I knew it was true without a shred of doubt in my mind. I started to research the concept and began to find a slew of information about my assumptions.

Chaos Theory, better known in modern day culture as the butterfly effect, states that a small change in one system can result in a large change in another system at a later time. The concept was written in books as early as 1890, but was officially coined by Edward Lorenz in 1963. He argues (with data) that the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil could cause a tornado in Texas. He does not suggest that the butterfly caused the tornado, just that the flap of the wings is part of the initial conditions that lead to the tornado. We can begin to see through this type of data that there is an integral connection between all forms of energy on this planet.

I truly believe the more we can convince everyone of this universal truth, the better off we will be as humans. If we could somehow all realize that we are one connected unit living on this very small rock in a big space, we could achieve so much more.