Midweek Melodies Vol. 1

by Tyler Trew February 03, 2016

Photo credit: Jeff Dronkers of WATRoses.com

Wednesdays are tough. You don't usually have a reason to look forward to them, but now you do. Every Wednesday, myself and John Van Dyk will be curating a playlist for you every week. Midweek Melodies are hear to help get you over the hump, and into the ever approaching weekend. 

For our first edition, we have compiled some relaxing records from the likes of PLS&TY, Bishop, Skrux, Illenium, Haywyre and more. This week we went with a more future bass centered playlist to ease everyone into the series, which will feature anything and everything that we find around the web from laid-back jams, all the way to aggressive rage records. From now on, you have between a dozen and fifteen reasons to look forward to Wednesdays. This week, we started off strong bringing fifteen awesome singles, and some of them free!

Tyler Trew
Tyler Trew

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