The Flint Water Crisis is one event that is taking the nation by storm. For those who don't know, essentially what happened, sparing the disgusting details of where the water comes from, the state government shifted the source of Flint's water. By making this move to save money, they have put thousands of children in harms way by exposing them to toxic levels of lead. Since this became public, the state and federal government has put the city under a state of emergency.

The issue is so bad, that individuals like P Diddy and Mark Wahlberg have donated one million bottles of water to the city. The Game partnered up with Avita water to donate $1 million in water bottles to the cause through his Robin Hood Project. Moreover, Cadence & Cause are teaming up with several artists for a massive, multi-faceted campaign to raise funds for the city and its affected children.


 Cadence & Cause understands the power of music and its creators. They work with artists on charitable campaigns that will benefit those in need, while also giving fans a chance to win prizes, or exclusive materials. For Flint, they are joining several acts, with the first being the Michigan duo JR JR, formerly known as Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr.

JR JR are an electronic pop duo that are steeped in Michigan culture. Joshua and Daniel have been influencing the world with their records, as heard through Warner Bros. or on television appearances including Conan. They've already touched the lives of people in their home state, so much so that the Milwaukee Bucks invited them to a practice. But now, they are shifting their influence for Flint.

JR JR have put together five giveaways with Cadence & Cause. All you need to do to enter, is donate at least the minimum amount for the individualized giveaways. These include opportunities to win Josh's first saxophone, tour-worn Nascar jackets, stage prop lights, their infamous photo shoot sweaters and a hand-painted stone art jacket. Donation proceeds will go towards the Flint Child & Health Development Fund.

Cadence & Cause aren't stopping at Flint. They have several ongoing campaigns with artists for various charities all over the world. Recently, they geared up with Relentless Beats for charities that will run through the entirety of the company's 2016 events. Take Decadence AZ, which has seven ongoing opportunities for limited edition posters, tickets, and meet & greets with 3lau, Borgore and Pegboard Nerds; all of whom have also partnered with us at Electric Family for our artist bracelet series. If you enter, your donation will go to Phoenix Children's Hospital Interactive Music Therapy.

When you get involved in philanthropy, it's hard to stop. So is the case for fellow Electric Family artists Pretty Lights and Jauz, who have put forth charitable efforts with Cadence & Cause. These campaigns include merchandise from the Colorado beatsmith, along with a meet & greet with Jauz, or tickets to the Crush AZ event.

This is just a taste of the great things that Cadence & Cause are doing. They share our idea that we can bring about the change we desire in this world. By distributing positivity, we are making this world a better place to live for all individuals on the planet. In harnessing the power of music, we each can make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged people. Right now in America, Flint needs help more than ever, and we hope to see other artists, celebrities, and groups come together to help our brothers and sisters out in Michigan.

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