Introducing: Challenge bracelets

As a brand, we have always strived to inspire our community to not just talk about making change, but actually taking action to create change. We have achieved this through our Do Good volunteer events, Subway gift card campaigns and our constant reminders to take positive action in your daily life. We've learned that things as little as a smile or a wave can brighten someones day. We've learned that it doesn't necessarily require much time, effort or money to take a small positive, selfless action each day.

On Tuesday February 16 at 10AM PST we will be launching a new type of product: the Electric Family Challenge Bracelets featuring a symbol that holds special value to our company and overall mission. The purpose of this new campaign will be to challenge our community to go out and make a positive impact in some way for the world. Every small ripple we can make to positively impact society will add up overtime to create significant change.

Each challenge bracelet that is released will be coupled with a new 21-day challenge that will require you to take a small positive action each day for the duration of the challenge. Wearing the bracelet should serve as your reminder each day to complete the challenge for that day.

The first Challenge Bracelet being released is the "Spread Peace" Challenge Bracelet. The rules for this challenge are simple. Please read below:

1. Each day of the 21-day challenge, you must comment something positive to somebody on social media. This could be on Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Bonus points for complimenting a stranger.
2. If you forget to complete the challenge for any day of the 21-day challenge, you must switch the bracelet to your opposite wrist and start the challenge over.
3. Your comment must carry meaning (we are not doing this to go through the motions).

This first challenge is simple, yes. But the purpose of the challenge is to combat the negativity and cyber bullying that happens every day on the internet. We must be conscious of the words we choose to speak and type, and we believe that spreading peace and positivity through words can change the world, one comment at a time.

We appreciate your continued support as we execute our mission of spreading peace and positivity on a global scale.