Michael Brun Partners With Artists For Peace & Justice For New Single

Haitian producer Michael Brun is bringing some love back to his home country by way of his new single "Wherever I Go." Moreover, this single wouldn't have become a thing if it weren't for the people of Haiti at The Audio Institute.

Michael ventured to the campus to work with the students, and the result was recordings that ended up as the basis for his charitable record. By partnering with Artists For Peace and Justice, Michael is giving back to The Audio Institute with the proceeds from "Wherever I Go." Not just part of the proceeds will go there; 100% of them will.

The Audio Institute is a project of the APJ organization that gives the youth of Haiti musical opportunities that they can build into a career. Not only are they given two free years of schooling, but the students and alumni are given direct employment opportunities that will benefit them short and long term. This is no easy feat, so you're donations go a long way. 

For more information around "Wherever I Go," along with the APJ project, you can head to Michael's website. From there, you can check out the APJ website, and purchase this single. Your purchase means a direct donation to this wonderful cause.

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