Smigonaut's "States of Being" To Raise Money For Conscious Impact

Boston bass producer Smigonaut is one of those hidden gem creators. After coming across his music this week, I was stunned by his musicianship and creativity. The music reminded me of the likes of Haywyre, but Josh Kipersztok has managed to make the music all his own.

Not only was his newly released States of Being EP an astonishing mix of styles, but his previous works were equally as enticing. Moreover, this is a guy that is looking to give back, no matter where his career is currently at. You don't see too many up and coming producers doing what Smigonaut is doing in regards to charity, which is just another reason he is special.

Smigonaut's EP is up for sale thanks to Mycelium Music, but there's a positive catch to it. Instead of the proceeds going to the producer and the label, all of the funds will be donated to Conscious Impact. Conscious Impact is a volunteer organization that provides sustainable living resources to communities that need redevelopment.

Although their mission is an international one, their focus, along with Smigonaut's centers around Nepal, who was devastated by an earthquake last year. This issue is not the only one that has affected this region in recent times, as the people have gone through civil strife for several decades.

By purchasing Smigonaut's EP on Bandcamp, you will be donating to the cause. If you would like to check out more information around Conscious Impact, you can head to their website.

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