Adventure Club Collab Capsule

Drops Friday, August 23 @ 10AM PST

About This Collection:

With Adventure Club being from Montreal, we have designed a baseball jersey that is heavily inspired by the Montreal Expos. Along with the jersey, we also produced a new school bracelet with the AC logo on it. This collection drops Friday, August 23 @ 10AM PST. Proceeds from this collection will benefit our Greater Good Fund. Read more about the Greater Good Fund at the bottom of the page. 

Collection Details:
  • 2 Piece Collection drops Friday, August 16 @ 10AM PST
  • Baseball jersey inspired by the Montreal Expos
  • Premium Tackle Twill Embroidered Logos on Front & Back
  • Scallop Cut Bottom for a Classic Baseball Jersey Look
  • Adventure Club New School Bracelet

About the Greater Good Fund

The Greater Good Fund is a pool of all the money raised from Electric Family sales which is evenly distributed to our Greater Good partner charities on a quarterly basis. Our Greater Good partner charities are:

Charity: Water
Pencils for Promise
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Tim Ferriss: Treatment of Major Depression through Johns Hopkins University of Medicine
Ocean Conservancy

Learn more