Artists Doing Good: Bassnectar

It seems like every week we hear more and more news about the philanthropic work being streamlined by Bassnectar (real name Lorin Ashton). Previously, we reported on the work that his non-profit, Be Interactive, did at his Deja Voom Festival, where they worked to give back to the local community through trash pick-ups and educational workshops.

Since then, the famed bass producer has continued to give by donating proceeds from his shows towards the Be Interactive and BetterHelp initiative that offers applicants a free month of therapy. Within 20 hours of going live, 1,000 people were set up with the free service. After seeing the staggering response, the artist has doubled down to give even more people this amazing program.

This week, Ashton has announced yet another new project. Be Interactive has teamed up with Malanka Riaboken of Guerilla Science to create a free four-week course on climate change for students.

"At the time of this writing, teachers in public schools are woefully undersupported and overworked. The majority of teachers agree that climate change is a critical topic, however, few feel they have the tools necessary to bring this education into their classrooms. 

The intent of this project was to create an all-inclusive tool, with no need for teachers to do personal research in order to feel prepared to teach the subjects, or to seek out and spend time researching or developing in-class activities or homework assignments."

Through the website, educators will be able to access the lesson plan, course materials, grading rubric, and more. 

Check out and download the course here.

Thank you, Bassnectar and the rest of the Be Interactive team for your continuous efforts to better the world we live in! 

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