Artists Doing Good: Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson Bought 100 Tickets To His Virtual Self Tour To Give Away To Fans

It’s important to shine a light when artists reciprocate love to their fans. This week, that artist happens to be the Grammy-nominated music producer, Porter Robinson. Robinson recently announced three shows in Los Angeles as his alter ego, Virtual Self. After the first two shows at the Shrine Auditorium immediately sold out, he added a small warehouse gig at 1720.

Built in 1906, The Shrine Auditorium is one of the more iconic venues in Los Angeles. Over the years, The Shrine has housed a wide variety of high-profile televised events including the SAG Awards, the Grammys, the Emmy Awards, and the Academy Awards. This makes selling out a two night show a big deal for Robinson. 10,000 tickets were sold near to record time.

Queue 1720. Deep in the industrial region of downtown Los Angeles lies a renovated garment factory turned music venue that is perfect for throwing intimate shows with underground vibes. At a capacity of around 700, attendees can expect state of the art L’Acoustics sound system, a triptych by artist Nick Knudson and warehouse design. Being aware of the limited space, Robinson took it on himself to buy 100 tickets that he will gift to fans.

Taking to Twitter, Robinson encouraged his fans to respond to his tweet and tag friends who would be interested in attending. The show at 1720 is on Friday, February 8th, just ahead of the Grammy Awards airing on the 10th. Virtual Self’s single “Ghost Voices” is nominated.

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