Coachella 2018: The Incredible Moments We’ll Never Forget

Coachella 2018: The Incredible Moments We’ll Never Forget

Coachella blew us away yet again and it is safe to say it we are crying there isn’t a third weekend. The magical haven gave us insane surprises and exhilarating art, making any other festival this year a tough act to follow. If you weren’t able to attend the festival this year, you’re in luck. We’re here to share our favorite moments from the two unforgettable weekends!

The Performances

The artists at Coachella gave us some out of body experiences. There were standout moments that we will be reminiscing on for a very long time. 18-year-old, DJ/producer Whethan, started the weekend strong, bringing out the Walmart internet sensation to the Sahara Stage, Mason Ramsey. Around 3:45PM, the famous yodeling boy stepped out, melting our hearts with his adorable voice. Hundreds of fans ran to the stage and pulled out their phones to capture the adorable moment. Another hilarious moment was captured when Justin Bieber was filmed chatting backstage with the overnight star.


On Friday night of weekend two, Kygo paid tribute to the late Avicii- closing out the set with a heartwarming tribute. Kygo stated that “he wouldn’t be on this stage it wasn’t for him” and then closed his set playing his favorite Avicii song, “Without You”. The producer made festival goers sing, dance and cry during this extremely powerful moment.

Saturday night Beyonce fulfilled our childhood dreams, reuniting Destiny’s Child at the Coachella main stage. Fans cried tears of joy as the trio performed iconic songs like “Say My Name”, "Soldier" and "Lose My Breath". Beyonce gave a cinematic performance, with hundreds of dancers on stage, a ramp that moved the starlet over the crowd, and another guest performance by husband Jay-Z. The singer shared how this show had been in production for five months, a vision she had been so excited to share with everyone.


At 8:40PM Sunday night, the electronic duo ODESZA took over the Coachella main stage, lighting up the sky with a magical performance... literally. Midway through their set, the pair made stars appear from over the stage, dispersing throughout the sky. While their drumline played cinematic music, the stars came together forming ODESZA’s signature geometric shape. This unique addition to the show blew everyone in the crowd away. We found out later the spectacular feature was created by hundreds of HP drones. Their set felt like a dream.

The Art

After attending Coachella several times, this year’s art installations were the best yet! Let’s start with The Antarctic Dome. Created by the genius team at HP, this giant dome was planted in the heart of the festival and became a dream world for attendees. You wait in line for the attraction as if you are waiting for a rollercoaster ride, having no idea what to expect. Every 15 minutes, they let in around 200 people, allowing you to enter a dark, air-conditioned dome with bean bags lined up row by row. Once everyone is seated, the magic begins. HP then brings art, music, and art together -taking you on a journey through breathtaking digital visuals. The masterpiece was accompanied with music from ODESZA, making this an experience people will talk about for a very long time.

This art installation made us all do a double take. Edward Tresoldi’s most eye-catching piece, Etherea, turned heads throughout the weekend. The three gigantic sculptures were created with mesh wire, giving the artwork a blurry effect from afar. At night the pieces would light up, radiating a magical energy that was contagious.

Another unforgettable art structure was Newsbubstance’s Spectra, a 7-story installation with 300 colored Plexiglass windows and 6,000 LED lights! This insane interactive piece was inspired by the sunset and sunrise. Attendees could walk through the enormous spectacle and experience breathtaking views of the entire festival.

Thanks, Coachella, for another spectacular year!


Written by: Alya Khan