Coachella Announces ‘GV Black’ to Support the Black Community

Coachella has launched GV Black, a new internal team devoted to representing the black community at the iconic festival.

Coachella shares in a statement:

We commit to continue to bring awareness of the violence against black bodies in America. The black employees at Goldenvoice have formed GV Black, a team to help us create initiatives to highlight the black experience at our organization, and expand representation of the black community at Coachella.

We are only at the beginning, and we acknowledge that we must do better and hold ourselves accountable. We are ready for our continued learning, community building, and our un-doing and doing — all with your support.

It's apparent that a lot of positive change will be welcomed in 2021. We hope Coachella sets an example for other festivals and other large music companies follow suit. 

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More to come

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