Coachella Pledges to Make a Positive Impact for Our Planet
Today, Coachella posted to social media, announcing their pledge to be mindful of the environment this year. In a carousel post, they shared several changes they will implement at the festival.

"#ForOurPlanet, we pledge to be an agent of change and create a festival that leaves a positive impact on our desert home and beyond."

Reduce Carbon Emissions 

Coachella incentivizes attendees who drive together with Carpoochela. Winners can win VIP tickets for life with the best car art.  They also offer shuttles to and from the festival and on-site camping to clear the roads. 

Waste Minimization

This year, Coachella is scraping single-use plastic water bottles and transitioning to reusable water bottles. They are also adding more water refill stations.  

Water Conservation

Coachella will switch our turf for alternative landscaping and keep the polo fields green with non-potable water. 

On-Site Engagement 

The festival will have numerous amounts of interactive installations, allowing you to be eco-friendly on the go. You can complete sustainability challenges on the mobile app and be active with Global Inheritance's posted studio. 

How will you contribute to the environment at Coachella? Let us know in the comments below! 

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