Dillon Francis & Diplo Created Playlists Highlighting Black & LGBTQ+ Artists

Black and LGBTQ+ culture is the foundation of most electronic music today. If it weren't for their influence, the dance world would be very bleak. Diplo and Dillon Francis are recognizing these important figures in the industry by sharing two refreshing playlists.


"A lot of electronic music fans don’t recognize how much Black Americans have contributed to dance music (in addition to inventing disco, house, techno, most genres of music if you do your research). I think a lot of the streaming services can do more but I can do this right now. I got together with some friends and we made this is a living playlist on both Spotify and Apple Music. you can find the link in my bio. so please hit me with any suggestions or artists to add."

Diplo's playlist features heavy hitters such as TroyBoi, 12th Planet, Flying Lotus, Channel Tres, Swizzymack, G-Buck, Uniiqu3, Green Velvet, RuPaul, Felix da Housecat and so many more. Dillon updated his Magical playlist with more diversity as well. 

Check them out below!