EDC Celebrates Another Safe Year With Zero Fatalities

Music festivals tend to get a terrible stigma for the type of activity they presumably condone. The public assumes they are filled with alcohol abuse, overdose, and degeneracy. On the contrary, EDC is changing the status quo, reporting zero deaths for the second year in a row. 

Trial and error come with the territory for any event. EDC first blossomed In Los Angeles, CA, dipping their toes into the festival world for the first time in 2010. Then after some mistakes, they moved the festival to Las Vegas, Nevada. Sadly, the heat was a challenging and dangerous aspect that put people's lives at risk. Deaths occurred from 2011-2017, forcing the festival to reevaluate their tradition. 

Fast forward to 2018 and 2019, EDC shifted their dates to May, making it a much cooler experience. The dramatic temperature change resulted in zero deaths for the past two years. 

Adding to that, EDC is fully staffed with the best medical care in the festival game. They are on foot from dusk until dawn, ready to help a festival goer in need. 

Thank you, EDC for making your festival a much safer environment. 

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