LTD Triple Hit Hoodie Drop

Drops Friday, April 5 at 10AM PST.

Triple Hit Hoodie // $70

About This Release

We want to introduce to you a few logos that will be more prevalent in future releases; Globe, Kin, & Good Times Smiley. Each one has their own unique meaning that resonates with the Electric Family DNA.


Our brand is world-wide. A reminder that you are never too small to make an impact — any movement can be the catalyst to make an impact on a global-scale.


\ ˈkin \

  1. a group of persons of common ancestry

Electric Family works to spread the idea that even though we are not from the same bloodline, we are all connected simply by the fact that we are all humans.

Good Times Smiley:

Everyone is welcomed to the Good Times Club. Being part of the Good Times Club is a mindset and lifestyle decision to radiate positivity and put that energy into the world.

Release Details
  • Piece drops Friday, April 5 at 10AM PST
  • Premium hoodie with front tackletwill patch embroidery
  • Hand-Dyed multi-color wash with spot color dye that makes each hoodie 100% unique 


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