EF Core Collection

Drops Tuesday, July 23 @ 10AM PST.

About This Collection:

Electric Family began from a grassroots movement that aimed to unite a community based around Distributing Positivity. Since we started, we've had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the biggest names in the dance music scene and beyond, but no matter what, we come back to us; to the belief that we can Do Good on a daily basis and encourage our community to make a positive impact in the world.

Collection Details:
  • 11 piece collection drops Tuesday, July 23 @ 10AM PST
  • Five Premium Tees
  • One Premium Striped Tee
  • Two Premium Long Sleeve Tees
  • Three Premium Dad Hats
  • Two Premium Snapbacks

With this collection, we wanted to remind you that we are still the same FAM that we've always been. Read on to find out more about each design and why we chose them.

Electric Family Script Logo

When you see this logo on our merchandise, it signifies positivity and community. When you walk in to a music festival the immediate feeling that washes over you is Electric and at those music festivals you meet incredible people that become like Family.

Kin Logo

\ ˈkin \

         1. a group of persons of common ancestry

Electric Family works to spread the idea that even though we are not from the same bloodline, we are all connected simply by the fact that we are all humans.

No Bad Vibes

The world can be filled with negative vibes, so we aim to fill it with positive ones. With No Bad Vibes, we encourage our FAM to send good vibrations to everyone they come in contact with.

Good Times Club

Who doesn't want to be a part of the Good Times Club? When you attend a festival, your number 1 goal is to have a good f*cking time so we are here to make sure that you do.