Electric Family Presents: Just Chillin on July 4th Music Playlist / Fun Ways To Celebrate at Home

July 4th is almost here, and with the beaches closed, this means it's time to start planning how to celebrate safely. Now, that in no way means you have to cancel your fun. We here at Electric Family have provided you with the perfect playlist to blast while you party quarantine style. 

The 25-track playlist is chock full of chill tempo house that will provide the perfect soundtrack as you absorb the rays from the comfort of your own home. Who said you need an over-crowded bar to have fun on July 4th?



Need some ideas on how to celebrate instead? Try out the following four ideas this weekend and let us know how they went! 

Turn Your Backyard/Patio Into A Mini Festival/Day Club 

*Splash House Highly Encouraged* 

Since we're all missing our beloved festivals and day clubs, why not bring the party to your house, transforming your backyard into a mini Splash House or Encore. 

Get yourself a pool (inflatables will do just fine), and set up make shift stages and stations, each bumping their own set lists. Our "Just Chillin On July 4th" playlist would be the perfect stage to start you off.

Remember, admittance to your mini festival should only be given to people you are quarantined with.

Host a BBQ Cook Off 

Nothing screams Fourth of July more than BBQ. One way to pick up the excitement this year is to host a cook off between family members or house mates. You can even turn your house into an episode of Chopped! 

Make Festive Cocktails/Mocktails

While in quarantine, it could feel as if everyday is the weekend.  However, we must remember July 4th landed on a Saturday this year. We should honor that fact, and celebrate it like a proper weekend holiday should be celebrated. Whip out those blenders, and shake up those cocktails (alcoholic or virgin), because this is the perfect excuse to enjoy a nice cold drink in the sunshine. 

Watch Fireworks and Pretend Your at EDC

The culmination of Fourth of July always ends with the firework celebration. Now, due to COVID-19, most of the public fire works shows have been cancelled. However, if you do catch some going off in your neighborhood, just throw on some of your EDM favorites and pretend you're at EDC. Worth a shot! 


Do you have any clever ideas on how to celebrate July 4th safely? Leave a comment below! 



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