Electric Family x Dombresky: Jersey Release & More

Drops Friday, October 23 @ 10AM PST

About This Collection:

We have partnered with Dombresky to bring you this 'House Music Keeps You Young' baseball jersey. The jersey is made with premium fabric and features tackle twilled 'House Music Keeps You Young' on back. Dombresky also answered a few of our questions and made a playlist for us, check it all out below!

Collection Details:
  • Collection drops Friday, October 23 @ 10AM PST
  • Premium Baseball Jersey
  • Polyester Fabric Body
  • Embroidered Woven Label
  • Premium Double Layer Tackle Twill - HMKYY
  • Electric Family x Dombresky branding

1. How did you get your start making music? What made you want to be a musician?

When I was a kid I remember my dad playing a bunch of different instruments so I've always been around music. I actually remember going to my first rave when I was 14 in the middle of a forest. I never wanted a regular life, I always wanted an authentic lifestyle, I knew that I had a history with music for as long as I can remember, so I thought why not continue that and have a completely different life than everyone else.

2. What were some major influences, musical or not, that have inspired your music?

My father forsure! And as a French guy I grew up with “French Touch”. I grew up listening to R&B, funk, & soul music so they play a role in who I am artistically today.

3. Have you been working on any new projects during the pandemic?

Yes lots of new music. Working on a few collabs, an EP, & even though it's hard to stay inspired without being social Im trying to remain as positive as possible.

4. What do you miss most about live performances? Is there anything special you want to do when concerts come back?

The energy. Nothing beats the energy feedback that you get from the crowd when you're playing. I miss nightlife, meeting new people and having some genuine fun. When concerts come back I'm definitely going to party.

5. You made us a Spotify playlist of your current favorite tracks. Are any of these songs currently influencing or inspiring any music you’re working on?

I’m always trying to be inspired by everything that’s around me at all times