Electric Family x Krewella: Crewneck Release & More

Electric Family x Krewella: Crewneck Release & More

Drops Friday, July 2nd @ 10AM PST

About This Collection:

We have partnered with Krewella to bring you this collab crewneck sweatshirt. The crewneck is made with premium recycled fabric and features spiral dye details on the sleeves with a full front print. Krewella also answered a few of our questions, check it out below!

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Item Details:
  • Crewneck drops Friday, July 2 @ 10AM PST
  • Premium recycled crewneck
  • Gray body
  • Black spiral dye sleeve details
  • Front chest print
  • Electric Family woven label
  • Authenticity guaranteed

    1. As we all know, things are starting to reopen as we start to enter a post-pandemic world. What are you most excited to do now that we all have a little more freedom?
    Hugs, clubs, live music, meeting fans, massages, travel, sharing food, ordering drinks at a bar, lingering at the buffet table at post-poned pandemic weddings
    2. What new things can we expect from Krewella now that shows and festivals are starting to come back?
    New music! And we are blessed to be re-energized after a year of hibernation, which is bringing a fresh perspective to live shows and touring.
    3. What kind of projects, musical or otherwise, have you been working on during the pandemic?
    Taking care of ourselves. Leveling up in the domestic realm. Developing a home studio at Yasmine’s house.

    4. We’re releasing the new EF x Krewella collab crewneck this week and we used garments made of 60% recycled polyester and 40% post industrial recycled cotton. Why was it important to you that we make something from recycled materials?
    For several years we both have curated our wardrobes to be predominantly vintage, thrifted, and upcycled garments. We want our merch line to reflect that as best as we can. Being mindful about finding a more environmentally sustainable and resourceful route for sourcing clothing materials is important as we develop our merch products, as we understand the climate implications of excessive wastage from the merch industry. With every item we drop we are constantly looking for new technologies and systems to re-purpose and spin new fabric from waste. It’s still uncharted territory specifically in the music industry, but we hope that we’ll see more clothing suppliers being innovative with how they create products so that upcycling merch materials can become the new norm in the music industry.

    5. Do you think more brands and companies in general should be taking steps to be more eco-friendly?

    I think if there was more of a demand for merch made out of upcycled materials from both fans and bands, then merch companies would adapt to the environmental needs, and start taking steps to implement more sustainable practices. Developing a sustainable way to source materials will be a challenge and will require creative thinking, but short-term inconvenience is always going to be a part of re-imagining systems. There is a huge void of upcycled materials in the band merch industry, so if anything, there is a huge opportunity for new business models.


    6. What are some simple things you think people can include in their daily routines to be more sustainable and eco-friendly?

    These are some practices that we uphold at home:

    • In the summer or if you live in a desert climate, hang dry clothing in the sun instead of using the dryer, which not only lowers your energy usage at home, but can save money on utilities.
    • At home or if you're in a hotel, be mindful about turning lights off in rooms that are not in use, as well as switches on power strips.
    • Invest in a metal water bottle so you don’t keep plastic water bottles at home.
    • Instead of throwing away vegetable scraps and skins, look up how to use those materials to make pesto, sauces, and broths. The internet is a valuable resource for recipes made of anything!!!