Electric Forest X Electric Family

June 21, 2017

We are very excited to announce another exclusive bracelet collaboration with Electric Forest! This will be sold at the Electric Family booth and the official Electric Forest merch booth inside the festival. Electric Forest will be held two weekends; June 22nd - 25th and June 29th - July 2nd in Rothbury, Michigan.

Electric Family will have a booth inside the festival selling EF hats, shirts, and other festival necessities. We will also debut our “Forest Fam” collection, so be sure to come by and say hi to the team! Robbie and Ken will be on the official @electricfamily Snapchat at the booth giving shoutouts to people repping our bracelet collab all weekend.

 To learn more about Electric Forest, please visit....





Jose Villalobos

Jose Villalobos said:

I have a huge question, I went to forest this past weekend, n I didn’t manage to get one of the bracelets, is there anyway I can get one online? I would really love one!

Dan gapen

Dan gapen said:

Is there anyway to get one of your electric forest bracelets? I was at electric forest last weekend and even bought a bracelet from your booth but I didn’t see the electric forest ones.

John hincapie

John hincapie said:

I was at electric forest weekend 1 and missed your booth. Is there anyway I could get the electric forest X electric family bracelets online?

Bob Dillsworth

Bob Dillsworth said:


Like the other two comments, I was at forest this last weekend and wasn’t able to find the tent with the bands! Any way that I could purchase one online and have it mailed to me!?

Lara Bygness

Lara Bygness said:

Samesies as the other posts. I was at your booth multiple times and never saw the colab bracelets. A couple of people from my group really wanted to get some. Is there any other way to purchase these?

Jenna Graham

Jenna Graham said:


I was at Forest for weekend one and missed these bracelets at your booth. Is there any way to purchase online?


Tommy said:

Hi! I was at the first weekend of electric forest and I didn’t see the bracelet! Is there anyway I can get one now?!


Gail said:

Hi! I was at your booth during weekend one and you were sold out and said you would not have anymore until weekend two, which unfortunately I was not attending. I would really love to have one, is there a way to purchase one and have it shipped? Thanks.

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