Festival Collection pt. 3

Drops Friday, May 10 @ 10AM PST.

About This Collection:
The third installment of our Festival Collection series kicks off with vibrant designs and a brand new bracelet style. Our signature positive messaging is seen throughout, layered with trippy graphics for a 3D effect. We wanted to experiment with unconditional printing methods, so we implemented UV reactive ink into one of our designs. The newest bracelets are made from a premium braided nylon that is more durable for everyday wear. The engraved cylindrical clasp is coated with water-resistant eco and skin friendly protectant, while the fit is adjustable up to 4" in diameter.
Collection Details:
  • 5 piece collection drops Friday, May 10 @ 10AM PST
  • One premium tee with glow-in-the dark printed graphic
  • Two premium scoop tees with gradient screen printing 
  • One premium long sleeve and standard tee
  • 11 new Electric Family 2.0 bracelets

We sat down with our Brand Director, Ken, to get some insights into the inspiration behind this collection. Check it out:

Where do you find the inspiration when designing a new collection? What specifically sparked this collection's aesthetic?

Our inspiration comes from a wide variety of aesthetics that we naturally gravitate towards such as vapor wave, retro Japanese posters, and other streetwear brands that we look up to. For this collection, we wanted to incorporate an updated look to our past designs. By fusing intricate graphics with simple text overlay, it created a neat multi-dimensional juxtaposition that we really liked so we decided to run with it. Additionally, the muted color palette allows the design to live within the fabric versus making it appear like its pasted on top of the garment for a slick look.

What is unique about this collection that is different from any past collection?

Straying away from standard screen printing methods, we decided to implement UV reactive ink onto some of the designs. It’s a nice touch that a lot of people may not notice at first, but it’ll definitely catch your eye when you’re out at a show. We also decided to run with a yellow tee to change things up a little bit!

If you could use one phrase to describe this collection what would it be?

Festival Streetwear. We believe this collection is the epitome of a design that can be worn both in & outside of a music festival and will let you stand out!

Why did you decide to switch up the bracelet design?

After several years of trying to create an adjustable bracelet, we finally came up with a design that we all felt proud of with a high quality feel. We realize that our OG bracelets do have some limitations due to its elasticity so we’re hoping that the adjustable braids will satisfy everyone’s needs :)

What materials are the new bracelets made out of and why did you choose that material?

The new adjustable bracelet is a 100% nylon braid, which is heavy duty and has a great high quality feel to it. Different from our classic woven bracelets, which is a soft nylon tricot material, this new material will be able to withstand all the festival raging and outdoor activities, but also add a nice look to any outfit.

Why did you choose these graphics as the first ones for the new bracelets?

The Good Times Club (GTC) Smiley is one of our favorite symbols and we think that it brings the right vibes to the right people. The ‘XX’ is our newly adopted branding asset that we wanted to incorporate with the 2.0 bracelet, and we hope to use it frequently in future designs.

If you had to wear one piece from this collection every day for a month, which piece would you pick (excluding accessories!)

I would definitely rock the Good Times Dope Rhymes yellow tee. It’s super fresh and the vibrant colors are perfect for spring/summer.

If you could pick any producer/dj/artist to wear something in this collection, who would it be and what would you choose for them?

If Flume could rock that Good Times Dope Rhymes Floral L/S, that would be out of control. The design definitely has some of his sophomore album, ‘Skin’, vibes to it so I think there’s some common ground there.