Getter Breaks His Silence After 2 Month Hiatus

2 months ago, Getter shocked the music world when he canceled his highly anticipated tour, Visceral. The announcement came from the emotional abuse he was dealing with on and off the stage. Today, he has finally posted to social media again, giving his friends and fans an eye-opening message. 

About a year ago, the dubstep king started dipping his toes in other genres, experimenting with slower and more melodic sounds. When Getter finally debuted his new music on his tour, his fans gave him negative backlash. Some would boo and throw things at him while he was one stage. Others would take to social media, DMing him hurtful messages about his new art. The DJ/Producer decided to call it quits on the second leg of his tour to focus on his mental health. 

Fast forward today, Getter posted a life update to Instagram. He stated he "unplugged" from social media and felt exceptionally better. The producer said he finally accepts the fact that he will always care what people think and will continue to make music for himself.

The rest of his Instagram content has been deleted and his team will be handling all social media moving forward. We look forward to more Getter, welcome back.