Getter Cancels Tour and Shakes Up the EDM World

Getter has given the music community empathy and here's why.

Getter isn't tolerating the hate anymore. Yesterday, he announced to social media he is canceling the rest of his highly anticipated "Visceral" tour. The DJ/Producer revealed he was receiving brutal backlash from his fans, on and off stage. 

Getter rose to fame with his heavy dubstep style. However, that became his whole identity, leading to the downfall of his latest work. Last year, Getter created a new project that experimented with slower and more melodic sounds. He warned his following that his next tour would be a different vibe than his usual act. Sadly, that didn't stop people from booing, throwing things and verbally abusing him at shows and social media. Getter reached his breaking point and called it quits. 

"I started the Visceral project to move forward with not only my career but my mental state. I thought this tour was an effort to make myself happy and prove to everybody that music is more than just raging on a weekend.

Imagine working toward something, putting in all your effort, time, and money into something that you feel could FINALLY separate you from the rest and show you DO have purpose. All to just get yelled at, booed and have shit thrown at you because it's not the cookie-cutter bullshit they are used to. Criticism is healthy. My friends and I frequently critique each other's work and it helps the final product. However, the constant hate and the disgusting attitudes I'm faced with are destroying me. 

I am not happy anymore
I am canceling the rest of the tour
I need to make myself happy
I can't do this shit man" 

The disheartening announcement shook up the music world. DJs, producers, and fans reached out throughout social media, giving their support. Getter deleted his Instagram and has yet to change his mind on the big decision. 

We hope this can send a message to everyone to have more compassion for each other. As a community, we should constantly build people up, not just when they are already down.