Ghastly T-Shirt & Charity Bracelet

Ghastly x Electric Family extremely limited t-shirt and charity bracelet drop Thursday July 14 at 10AM PST!

David Crow (Ghastly) has proven his music and personality are here to stay within the dance music community.  He is a self taught DJ who continues to release massive tracks including "Get On This" & "Crank It" feat Mija. 

We are excited to release a limited edition t-shirt that includes one of his many famous 
"Deleting Random Facts".  


AND, we are releasing a charity bracelet that will go to benefit Bridges for Music.

"Music is one of the most incredible forces humans have created, invisible yet it changes lives in every way every day.  I've chosen to donate to Bridges For Music in hopes that music can find its way into the hearts of future artists who may not have the proper resources so they may continue to connect with and inspire us." --- Ghastly

Don't miss this massive release on Thursday, July 14 at 10AM PST.


  • Kelly King

    Music changed me in ways that are indescribable. I found a niche where I was accepted, where my weirdness was appreciated. Ghastly has only propelled that. Music saves lives, and the person behind the music is just as (if not more) influential. I wish people would encourage individuality from a young age so kids wouldn’t have to experience the pain of being different….but at the same time, I’m happy I had the childhood I did. Being the outcast hurt, but I never questioned who I was, just wondered why people were so mean. Now, I don’t have those questions. And it’s because of this music, because of people like Ghastly. His music, our electronic culture…we’re finally “cool” (but we’ve known it since the 90s). And as frustrating as it can be for me to see the “bandwagon” fans…I’m more appreciative of the fact that the majority would rather act like me, the person they bullied when we were young. Ghastlys music personifies this feeling, that weird is amazing. And in the decade I’ve been following EDM, I’ve never been able to relate so much to one artist.

  • Jaxson


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